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How to Cancel your Account


It is unfortunate that you wish to cancel your account, I hope you do submit a ticket with how I can help prevent this, however if you do wish to delete your account, you may do so by Pressing the 'Delete Account' button on the bottom of your Edit Profile / Account page.

Please Be Aware that our Payments are all managed by third party companies, Canceling Your Account Will NOT Also Cancel Your Subscription.  In order to cancel a payment subscription, it is your responsibility to login to the payment processor you chose when creating the account, and cancel the reccuring payment there, otherwise the payment processor will continue to send funds to our site on your behalf.

Please understand that the way these payment processors work is when you create a subscription, you are setting it up to automatically send money to the recipient on a set interval, it is not withdrawn or billed from the person you are paying, it is sent from your account, so canceling or modifying a subscription can only happen from within your account - we can not be held responsible for subscriptions that continue because they have failed to be canceled.

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