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Why is my site pending approval? When will it be approved?


The majority of our ads are manually checked and approved by real people, instead of machines, this reduces the risk of harmful or distasteful advertising from entering the system, however it also takes time.

Campaigns are checked multiple times daily, so it should never take longer than 12 hours for an approval, however our customized member-protection system is constantly scanning all the ads on our network, and it will be randomly taken from active status, and placed back into pending status, you may see your ad reverified as often as 6 times in a given week, it is normal to see your ad go back and forth from pending to active, even within the same day.

So don't panic if you check back three days later and see your ad pending, it hasn't been pending that whole time - it is just being rechecked to ensure the safety and security of our members.

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