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How do I Earn Money at Traffic Swirl?


We're very pleased to pay one of the highest commission rates in our market, paying 50% To Upgraded Members who Refer new members to Traffic Swirl.

Traffic Swirl members earn commission on purchases by members they refer, they also earn money using the advertising credits they earn while surfing.

Traffic Swirl members also earn tokens by completing achievements, viewing token ads, completing tasks, and in our weekly team contest.  Tokens can be redeemed for anything -- advertising, games, upgrades, and on special occasions, even cash.  You can also sell any type of item for Tokens on our unique marketplace.

We reccomend earning referrals from the sites in the Weekly Top Promoter contest.  You will get cash from this contest, as well as referrals from advertising the site -- those referrals will earn a cash chest for every referral you get, as well as commission on purchases, and bonus credits when they surf.  You can use this simple method to easily earn money and free advertising at Traffic Swirl.

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